Advance Technologies combines technology expertise in product engineering with domain knowledge of clinical processes, patient preferences and regulatory requirements, to create futuristic devices. Deep understanding of regulatory frameworks like UL, CE, FDA, ROHS and quality process that are compliant with ISO standards, helps products to reach market on time.

Advance Technologies, end-to-end product development approach helps medical devices manufacturers accelerate time to market and optimize development cost while pursuing global ambitions and cutting edge innovation

  • New product development¬†Concept and Detailing designPicture11
  • Product verification & Sustenance
  • Advanced Engineering Analysis FEA/CFD/CAE based design optimization
  • Testing and Rapid proto Services Functional Rapid Prototyping Development, Verification & Validation
  • Mould design and Analysis
  • Injection Moulded Parts
  • Manufacturing and support
  • Pre-compliance and product qualification Tests and certification
  • EMI/EMC Regulatory testPicture5
  • Drop/Shock Test
  • IEC fixture development and testing
  • IP54/65
  • Product life cycle management [PLM]
  • Embedded and Software application development
  • Ultra Sound 3D Imager
  • Monitoring System
  • Healthcare Informatics
  • Fitness
  • Hospital Automation
  • GUI development
  • Connectivity & mobility solution
  • Automated Testing platforms for embedded devices and applications