Advance Technologies, manufacturing with partners for proto development, composites, precision machining, sheet metal fabrication, assembly and special processing for the aerospace, automotive and oil & gas industries.

Aerospace Automotive Oil & Gas/Industrial 
Aerostructures Turbocharger Drill collars
AeroEngines  Fuel Injection Tubing Flange
Aerosystems  Rotary Pump Piston & Block
Seating systems Rocker Arms Connector & Ring
IMG_01032016_180055PETp parts
Sheet metal Injection Molded Components
Machining Precision Parts
Surface treatment & NDT Carbon Composites
Special processing FRP
Bench Assembly Silicon Rubber
Aerostructure Assembly IP68 & EMI / EMC / Gaskets
 Mold Manufacturing Custom made heat sinks / heat exchangers

Aluminium: 6061, LM8, EN-AC-Alsi9C

Alloy Steel: SAE4140,SI52 C55 Forged, 17-4 PH , SAE 8620, AISI 304, , EN19,AISI 316

Titanium,SS, Nickel & cobalt alloy, Brass, Bronze & ETG100, Nitro Alloy, EN41B